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DIARY 2002 - 2004

The project “tears of the dream” began as 16 musical pieces from composer and musician Nikos Socos. A blend of classic, rock and progressive influence with the electric guitar as the main instrument. A study on advanced techniques and instrumental investigations. A description of personal moments. He asked for a photographic work related in dialogue with his music, without special guidance or esthetic rules other than the subjective view.

The photographic project “tears of the dream” was based entirely on the musical work, claiming a new form of communication between image and sound. Considering two points, the case where the image comes prior to sound and gives emphasis to its character and the reversal perspective where the image follows the sound which is attiring it and representing the image perhaps more legible. In both relations this dynamic combination alternates each other.

I based my approach on the audio frequency of each musical piece separately, listening to the music over and over again letting it manifest an emotional image in my inner view. This way I could hear photography and see the obvious portrait of sound in the outer world. I presented the equation as equal, with the intention of the autonomy of each art work being able to be studied independently and as one indivisible speech.

In 2002, I was in Belgium following a European volunteer service on the organization “Het Roerhuis” for people with mental disability. Near by I met the De Bereklaw community and the kind man Gosse. His unique world, creative and humanistic personality gave me the chance to come close to his life and keep precious moments. Ηe also helped me a lot by granting me space and materials in order to have a black and white darkroom to develop my prints and evaluate my progress.

The process took 6 months for 14 images to be found.

tears of the dream

tears of the dream

tears of the dream