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Franz Kafka |der_bau|

Franz Kafka |der_bau|

Editor : Socos  

Composer : Socos 

Lyrics : Socos  

Music : Socos & the live project band

Photography : Panayiotis Lamprou 

Drawings : Alkistis Skarlatou Video : Socos


Format : Published 2007 / Box-set including 2 cd (21 tracks), 1 dvd (72min) /  21 color Photographs and 21 B/W drawings / Dimensions 25 x 25 / ASIN: B001006N46 / Language Hellenic


Description : This multimedia opus is a musical blend that denies description. File (?) music under lyrical prog rock electronica with a touch of Mediterranean sounding tunes here and there. Songs and instrumentals that scream and / or whisper.  A 48 page book with 21 photos by Panayiotis Lamprou and 21 sketches by Alkistis Scarlatou in high quality print. All Inspired by the words of Franz Kafka.

  • Diary

    In 2006, the musician and composer Socos proposed that I took part in a tribute on Franz Kafka and his novelette |der bau|.

    We collaborated in tears of the dream on a similar basis, in the case of |der bau| the starting line was the writer.

    The musical work consists of 21 pieces of progressive music with poetic lyrics describing the musician’s dreams, fears, wishes and hopes intensely.

    The volume is emotional and reality is absentee.

    |der bau| has no end because it has no beginning.

    Franz Kafka repeats his anxiety describing the dead-end of a system that the mind has built on its own. A tragedy of tolerance.

    His work could be a map of an ego and its ideas, relieving its pain by explaining the way it functions.

    ​"Definition 'der bau' destination photography. Photography portrays the stimuli that comes from reality. The photographic work intends to create a connection to reality absent in the music and a visionary place for the writer’s text."

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