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The Woman and the Burned Forest / Improvisation by Apostolia Papadamaki

"The project Burnt Land in 2007 follows the first sign of the rise of humanistic crisis in our post contemporary era.

The improvisational dance perfomance of Apostolia Papadamaki acts now 12.2020 as a key access to forgiveness like no one had expressed all these years.

It is not about speaking the truth but about sensing the vibrational presence which is in the core of the universal heart incarnated in each and every living being."

(see burnt land project & see the burned forest performance.)

THE WOMAN AND THE BURNED FOREST Created on 18.12.2020 during the second lockdown in the burned forest near Sounio, Attica, Greece.

“This is an offering to Mother Earth, a channeling as I say when I improvise on a natural landscape with no preparation at all. Devoted to the connection we have with all living beings."

Apostolia Papadamaki

Improvisation: Apostolia Papadamaki Filmed by Christina Negrepontis Music: Aria / Balanescu Quartet Location: Attica, Greece

for the film editing.Special thanks to Areion Stefanidis Special thanks to @akathistivekri for the music proposal.

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