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Opening: 18.01.2024, Duration: 17.02.2024

The Blender Gallery is pleased to announce the group show exhibition curated by Panolabrou titled ἅμαdeus. The exhibition opening will be held on Thursday 18th of January at 7pm and its duration will be till 17th of February 2024.

ἅμαdeus unfolds as a post-contemporary synthesis, comprising the works of 17 Greek and international artists. The exhibition is a exploration of acausal connecting principles that link the showcased works with the project D.E.U.S. Conceptualised by the forward-thinking visual artist Panolabrou in 2018, D.E.U.S. signals anintersubjective procession into the qualitative amalgam of information bestowed upon humanity. It seeks to delve into the quintessence of human senses while cultivating love and real sympathy.

The title ἅμαdeus, resonating with the ancient Greek term “ἅμα” denoting simultaneity and converging with the Latin words “amare” and “deus,” forms a theophoric identity that evokes love—whether it be for or by God.

The exhibition explores the diverse conditions, where the realms of the imaginary and the real, the animate and inanimate intersect. This transformative chartography turns the juxtaposition between art and reality into acritical exercise that shatters the boundaries between perception and deception concatenating earthly delights with transcendental landscapes.

Embarking on a quest for sensuality and sensorial stimuli, the participating artists deliberately immerse themselves in situations that disrupt the discrimination between literality and allegory, between the tangible and the imaginary. This exercise, challenging the limits of deceptive functions of perception, leads to the revolutionary renegotiation of reality itself. Dreams, illusions, and simulations become omnipotent conduits testing the very boundaries of human perception, deepening the foundations of reality. Through this intentional deception, a new, artificial type of the real emerges—a concept that boldly challenges conventional notions and signals a profound evolution in artistic expression.

As visitors navigate the exhibition, they encounter the concept of Heterotopia. In this light, the physical spaceof the gallery, becomes a locus embodying multiple incongruent spaces and diverse localities the work’s subject matter, each with its own distinct character. Simultaneously, the amassing of time, facilitated by new technological modalities, becomes an exquisite art form, transcending the constraints of worldly time. This peculiar heterochrony intertwines the celestial and earthly, indemnifying the finitude of mortal time with the ethereal visions of timeless life—an exploration that defies the conventional boundaries of temporal existence, offering a contemplative space where the extraordinary meets the profound.

Curator: Panolabrou

Art Historian: Alia Tsagkari

Participating Artists: Christina Anid, Alex Boisseau, Dimitris Delinikolas, Christophoros Doulgeris, Evangelos-Papadopoulos, Marina Gergov, Ioannis Georgakakis, Constantinos Hadzinikolaou, Kapetan MYΓΑC, Georgia Kotretsos, Vasiliki Lefkaditi, Christina Negrepontis, Panolabrou, Giorgos Papasotiriou, Kai Richter, Socos, Lydia Venieri

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