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Panayiotis Lamprou / Raw Sight

/ Original sin 


Once upon a time Nektarios refused his land.

His relationship with his mother was no way out. No father to share their life.

He kept a distance by letting her alive alone. Never more for eternity.


His education was rich. Ancient Greek and Sanskritic literature. German, french, english and contemporary greek speaking fluently. In Mount Athos he became a monk, praying and working in literature for the great Orthodox monastery. 


One day he met Fabienne. She worked as a fashion designer in Paris and was a

mother of 5. All had grow up enough to become independent. She felt freedom was

a limit to dare and retired from the world. She trusted herself as a Queen,

knowing how to share quality of matter and elegance of attitude. 


She was surviving as a nun at that moment they met. He fell in love with her.   


Nektarios decided to accompany Fabienne in her life. She as Panayia, the Mother

of God, had all the qualities for him to serve her for ever more. They went to Samothraki, where the winged victory, Niki was created. The art masterpiece of

a female angel, the ancient symbol of victory. 


They lived, as anchorites on mountain Saos next to 1000 waterfalls inside the forest of plane trees. Both had one common truth in heart. They believed in an empowering ancestral story, not the one given officially by the church. 


“Adam and Eve, a couple God created with love, symbolizes incarnation in matter. 

The apple tree symbolizes the sense of self nature. 

The snake as Asclepius mentioned it,  symbol of sacred beings of wisdom, healing, and resurrection. 

The apple which was given to Adam by Eve symbolizes pure quality of existence;

Love to connect, relief after pain, trust over believe, presence pass fear, conscience before death, self over ego.


Eve receives the charisma to transport the seed of life, offers the seed to her companion. Adam indeed accepts the honor of perceiver to serve life as the eye

of God. Like Meister Eckhart says ''The eye by which I see God is the same as the eye by which God sees me. My eye and God's eye are one and the same.'' Adam and

Eve as one element of life feel gratitude for the experience of life. They live

in company taking care of the path of existence”.


When the story was said, Fabiene and Nektarios admitted “If no Bible existed to describe the values I feel, I would create one myself. Therefore I see inner The Garden of Eden. Remember, God created us in his own image. The seed of Knowledge given was his charisma of Synthesis. Good and evil is all an aesthetic attitude”. 

> Hasselblad 501cm with 80mm + 50mm 
> Film KODAK;
    B/W T-MAX 400 & Color Portra NC 160/400
Scanner Flextight Imacon X5
All prints 85x85 Digital Chromogenic Fujicolor Chrystal Archive Print
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